Our Mind’s Evolution

We as a species have developed great. But I do not think our necks will get any longer, like giraffes or anything to much more physically. In our current paradigm there is the law of perpetual growth. In reality there is with every ending some new beginning. We are going to evolve now and expand our mind and our perception to allow that which is there for us.  Now most cannot see nor have axis in this paradigm. We will now evolve with use of that which we already have. Learning how to communicate the proper needs to the (ISS) will be enough to expand our current paradigm, and whatever your natural abilities are in this unknown area, will float to the surface like a balloon full of air rising from the bottom of a pool of water.  There will be diverse abilities, in inverse, like some people are naturally a good drawer or painter etc. I am happy to see what your special abilities may be in this expanded paradigm. Accelerated by you showing your (ISS) that you have control and focus. For you will only know in part in this current paradigm, but in our expanded paradigm you then will know in full soon.

It is time. The truth must be tangible and do to the law of our current paradigm; we claim this and now share the power to open our awareness to this. Knowing this truth will set you free from the constraints of the current paradigm. By knowing its communication laws, it is time to expand to see and do more that is already there waiting for our axis. We just need to see it, and we will. I am sharing this vibration of thought, which is key to expanding that which we already have. A window is now open. It is time we look and unite as a group and claim this thought. Results will follow!

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3) Our Vibrational Thought

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