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Once you have a vibration in this paradigm that brings tangibility, you can share this and it will expand our paradigm laws and others will be able to do this as you.

Master Talonn

Remember we seek tangible results in this world, this is our proof. This is what expands the current paradigm. Being expanded gives many the ease of use of what is already there, which is giving us the quickening. This does away with many illusions. For now, I will not give you any fancy math or some fancy equation for it is not needed. We will follow the laws of this paradigm and this vibration I speak of. It will be tangible; therefore there will be no need for the numbers game. The only numbers will be the numbers of people that evolve and this will be the proof of our evolution. No philosophy. Even in this current limiting paradigm there are example’s of paradigm expansion. One example is in our past, there was a runner that broke a record of time for a certain distance. before this it was thought to most to be impossible. After this was done many routinely break this time. It is  perceived as normal now. But my question is, was it always there to begin with? Yes.

In our paradigm of how we have set up our communication with our (innerself) has limited us and blessed us, for we were not ready.

Protective knight

In turn it protects the current paradigm and us. We must stay within our paradigm and expand it.

I believe this to be important and I am going to restate a part of what I just have written above. We hear many times in this world (current paradigm) that there is some record broken in some sport or science and after many people see it (in any form of communication). They also can break the record. And as time goes by, many routinely do so after.  In a science breakthrough, soon after its discovered, it is then used by millions. This expands our current Paradigm.

Think on this, I am here to tell you that it is time to lift many paradigm restrictions. Think on these thoughts, this vibration regularly and do these mundane exercises, and in your own time you will demonstrate tangible abilities with increased real quickening to our current limiting paradigm.

A note:  If one makes a pie and wants the pie to taste as it should. Then one should not change the recipe. If one does the result cannot be expected in large proportion?

If you pull a pie out of the oven and set it on the shelf cut 4 pieces and do not take any pieces out, then you try to add a piece from a different pie . Does it fit? NO it does not. see and read what is really said. Understand the tangible.

Once you have a vibration in this paradigm that brings tangibility, you can share this and it will expand our paradigm laws and others will be able to do this as you.

Master Talonn

To all those musicians out there if one is tuning a guitar. A person pushes there finger on the 5th fret to tune the string under it. The person then strum’s both strings, making them make a sound. This person then listens for the uneven vibrations of the two strings. And tightens or loosens the open string, the one below the string that the person is holding on the fifth fret. Once the string is tight or loose enough to match the vibration of the string, then the two are in tune! I compare this to the new vibration that I share with you. It will bring you to a new tangible vibration in our evolution. It is time. Like the guitar, the string was always there! Therefore there is no one better than anyone else in this regard. We all are ready for this quickening.” I recommend to read this more then once and feel the change. Join us and let your journey begin.

For those in the computer world, another example in relation to what is being written. We are offering a tangible key to open our API to access what is there waiting for us. We must demonstrate that we have controlled focus in a special way. By embracing this written thought and in conjunction with doing simple exercise the same time. Will  in turn increase your abilities as well as the masses.

Once you have a vibration in this paradigm that brings tangibility, you can share this and it will expand our paradigm laws and others will be able to do this as you.

Master Talonn

What of sounds you ask? Aren’t they vibrations also?

We must include all senses, which include sounds- Music.  It is the spaces in between words, yes vibrations.  Even spoken words as some call a spell that brings some tangibility. It is what the sound or the sensory input does as it affects each person individually.  It is in some cases the axis used by the user to axis this by or through them. But in some cases our paradigm has sounds and sound combinations that are within our current law that work for many people in this axis to this world we speak of. We provide much tangibility with my students.


If there is any interest, what do you have to loose but only gain buy moving forward.

Let’s learn more and expand our interest. knowledge is not always found in the most likely area. Keeping your own beliefs is important. we are not here to change this. But if you could axis more of what you are. Would it not help you on your path?

If you feel the power of what we are offering and you wish to continue, than contact us with a request through our contact us link. We will send you a questionnaire to tailor your training to increase your interest and abilities. we warmly invite you to please make a donation.

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