Our Vibrational Thought

These simple consistent exercises done in order that I will share with you upon your request and by joining our vibration of thought as well as rereading these thoughts often! Will build up much liberated abilities (a new vibration). It is time to evolve!  How to test its realness as it comes, is its ability to be tangle for you and the world around you. This is where this is so different and real. We are working with one of the laws of this current paradigm.

It is just a new vibration (a resonance that will be the key that opens that which is already there).

It is not by someone else does something prove itself, but by the tangible results-achieved by one’s own involvement and practice. Only this will prove the results of continued practice.

Master Talonn

See by you applying your empowered focus this will put your (ISS) at ease, and it will assist you. It will release you from its boundary limitations, meant to keep you in this limited Paradigm. It is important to note at all times, we seek not to leave this paradigm, but to expand it! This will keep us in the laws of this paradigm. Therefore it will release previously limited abilities. Our Evolution!

This paradigm that I speak of is the world we live in. what I mean is, that language any language is a rhythm. It’s basically sounds with spaces set at a mutual tempo (speed of talking). The whole world is set up this way. Like a film or video speed of playing. If it plays to fast, you can tell as you watch. I relate this to the speed of our realm of communication in our current Paradigm. It is in a way our internet to communicate, but in a tangible 3D/4D way.

Computer graphic illustration about internet shopping in virtual world.

Now we know no better that we communicate this way.  But with the (ISS) it can see many things at the same time. Much like if we see an apple, we see the physical apple in our mind NOT the letters a -p -p- l- e.

Speed readers touch on this. Our mind sees groups of things naturally. It is our mind that breaks it down to a format that is palatable. In a way that we are conditioned to understand things from birth It breaks it down to baby food, so our front minds can read in small parts, following the tempo of this paradigm. Our Paradigm is being expanded all the time it is now time for the quickening of this evolution process. Are you ready?

4) Our Paradigm