Starting Point


To increase any ability, we believe that all our extra abilities start or axis through our mind.
Knowing this is were all abilities start from or axis through, we must start here to increase or develop our growth in any ability from the ordinary to the extra ordinary.
We teach and share from this point. By doing this you will notice your own abilities whether     it be physical or non, will be greatly increased by training from this point.
We also invite you to put it to the test! With an open mind you will see great results. You will find out by creating this new thought within yourself, will indeed give a fresh new pathway for you to communicate with the mind. Stating first with just knowing the knowledge and then engaging this shared thought as many already have and doing simple exercises that encase our thought.

Those who view things beyond how great they see themselves, will increase much.

Master Talonn

First step, read the pages in order below and make a point to have an open mind to get to the end the 4 pages.
Step two,  if you feel the power of what we are offering and you wish to continue, we warmly invite you to please make a donation and contact us with a request through our contact us link. We will send you a questionnaire to tailor your training to increase your interest and abilities.
Thank you.
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