Understanding the Tangible

Achieving Real Results 

The moment always unfolds more than what we see. Therefore one must always see more.

  Master Talonn


A tree best grows from its roots, so to grow ones abilities and evolve, one must start from a new perspective. This will produce new fruit that will be very tangible.

Master Talonn

Understanding the tangible

We are taught through our minds vibrations of energy how to interpret the world within and around us. It is by our beliefs and that of those built upon centuries of the same. Based on this premise. when a vase falls and breaks and no one is there to hear it. Does it make a sound?  Yes, it still makes a sound. It is by our shared paradigm that it applies to the whole world around us. This is including things being taught from birth and influenced by our current paradigm.  It also filters out anything that does not conform to that.  Just like a house window with blinders that are shut. They do not let any light or images come in from the outside.  Our inner self which I call the “Inner Servant Self “(ISS). That part of us that when in good general health tends to wake us up 5 minutes before the alarm, just to prove to us it is there. It keeps track of time and your concerns even as you sleep. It also shields us from seeing feeling any out of the ordinary things. Mostly in part, so not to distract us from this Paradigm one is in. The paradigm in this case I speak of, is similar to a country keeping itself together having the majority speak the same language. But in this case, it is our world, it keeps us in a set physical plane that we all share the same (in general) taste, colors, smells, feelings, etc. Having the ability to see the same things (like a tree, a flower.) This enables the ability, as beings to communicate as a group. Also it gives us what to build from, having a common frame of reference. From colors to inventions to the universal shared mind are all using the accepted building blocks to create something? Common Ground!

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 This allows all of us to see and communicate with each other on semi equal ground. Keeping within the paradigm is important but it is time we do and see more. We can expand this paradigm by its own laws. So it is time to train and condition ourselves to expand. There is much more. We are ready as it has been written here earlier. It is time to expand our current paradigm. Allow our awakened guidance to help you truly achieve tangibility?

2) Our Mind’s Evolution


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