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It is our time

I have written this to a few of which I have felt guided to. But now it is time to write this here. I feel if you found your way here than you are ready to hear. Search no more. It is our time

That which we know we are.  Is upon us, we always have known this since we were young, that there is more and as you may feel as well, that finally we are close and the world is in true change. You may be a key to this as I.  Use it well and it will do well by you. See where this leads you in the coming months. Follow that which guides you, with a watchful eye for you are the master of your destiny.  <8>  It is Time

My Introduction

I feel it is time to share what I have felt since I was very young. When I was young, I felt a little confused as I discovered that others around me, did not have this ability or awareness. And as being a young kid I worried about being termed weird-different. I went on and lived a normal life just like all of us, learning from our mistakes. Many times I found it was do to not listening to what I felt was right.

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I have found working with or being close with any one with abilities has, a reaction of increasing their abilities. I feel it is just creating a clear path of use, Like creating a clearer reception on a tuner with an old radio.


I have a catalysis effect. I have discovered a way to  help those to some degree at long distances away. By Connecting with them, in this thought, there seems to be no distance. Thus I am here writing. Your proof will be what it does for you. I do not write this for my health nor as you see for a fee. But I feel as I help create tangible works within you. You would by proof donate as a thanks.

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IT IS NOW IN THIS PRESENT TIME I feel it is time to share certain vibrations of thought and any abilities that are tangible. I believe now it can only help those that feel the same. I do feel urgency. I feel it is now. I know it is now. In my writing please start at Increase your abilities page. I look to share these first steps, I call vibrations. I have found that it brings a tangible level in others. This creates a great opportunity to expand the world around us and truly evolve. Do not think just on the thought, It is the combination of thought and feelings that provide a receptive vibration and gives axis to that which we seek. I call this seeing the thought. In this thought, there is no distance between us. This thought I speak of, Our Thought, I must say is more. It is much more indeed. I also have a book that will help in the awareness to this and its growth of tangible expression. It is written in an unexpected format.

Please let me introduce myself from a third party description.

He is a business owner. He loves to help people and to share knowledge. He has degrees in Kung-Fu and other martial arts. He believes our next evolution is our mind. In his travels he has discovered some secrets that are very eyeopening! He teaches and explores lessons learned in this area. Achieving tangible results with others he helps. He also believes were there are more light bulbs on a subject the light is brighter. One of his goals is to share his secrets and discoveries, with this group. Sharing the same interest  in increasing there abilities as well as allowing the average person to do the same. Our mind’s tangible evolution is upon us.  which, he believes, will increase light and growth on this happening. Thus increasing tangible results (a quickening of our evolution). Like a magnifying glass does with sunlight. Increasing the mind’s evolution with guided specific focused attention. Demonstrating control in this special way, achieves tangible results for those in the group, spawning a key to the expansion of our current paradigm. In-turn effecting the world around us. We feel you may feel the same that the world is at a turning point. Let’s unleash the key. Put it to the test yourself, with an open mind and see where this takes you.

We invite you to first read our Increase your abilities page

My best to you,

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